if i invest $100 in bitcoin today 2023/2024

Will i be rich this 2023 if i invest $100 in Bitcoin, Yes you will be very rich, we’ve started reasons below.

What Would $100 Be Worth in Bitcoin Today?

$100 will buy 0.005157 bitcoins at the current price of $19,367 per bitcoin.

But what is Bitcoin actually worth?

The usability of a coin and how stakeholders perceive its value are two important aspects in establishing its true value or price. Nevertheless, as we’ve already seen, the actual value of Bitcoin as an investment tool can fluctuate greatly.

On the plus side, Bitcoin continues to have the strongest usefulness as a medium of value exchange among all cryptocurrencies. As a result, many well-known proponents of Bitcoin have publicly stated that the currency will reach $500,000 or even $1 million within the next ten years, if not sooner.

In other words, nobody is aware of Bitcoin’s true worth. It is still a developing asset class that is largely in the price discovery stage. Before its value stabilizes, each new type of technology, like the internet 20 years ago, will undoubtedly go through the same cycle. The true worth of Bitcoin will then become apparent.

What Would Take Place If You Made a $100 Bitcoin Investment in 2023?

Let’s examine the highs and lows of the price of bitcoin in 2023.

You would be sitting on a 60% unrealized loss right now if you had invested in March 2023, when the market was at its peak. Your $100 would have been $40 instead.

As of October 2023, if you had invested in Bitcoin in June, when it fell to a low of $18,900, you would still be in the black. However, timing the market is incredibly difficult, as anyone who has ever engaged in cryptocurrency trading will attest to.

The best approach is to stretch out the risk using the Bitcoin dollar cost averaging strategy; this way, you’re not under pressure to find

Is this the ideal time to make a Bitcoin investment?

Given that your investment will only be $100, you’ll want to optimize your return by purchasing Bitcoin at the lowest possible cost. On the one hand, it’s impossible to predict whether a better offer won’t surface after you place your order. On the other hand, waiting interminably may prevent you from ever seeing a return on your investment.

Cryptocurrency assets have been experiencing a bear market for a while, as you may have heard. As a result, buying Bitcoin at a discount may be a good idea right now. That is, provided your study indicates that this asset has the ability to generate profits for you in the event of a trend reversal.

While some analysts believe that it is a good moment to buy Bitcoin, others believe that it will fall much further in value over the next several months as the likelihood of a worldwide recession increases. You can place a market order at the price you want, and the trade will execute automatically.

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